Practice Areas

Galanis, Pollack, Jacobs & Johnson, S.C. is a full service business law firm. Some of our specific areas of practice are described below:

Business Law

Many businesses need periodic sound legal counsel in dealing with ongoing issues related to operating a business organization. Every day, we provide counsel to business clients that need such assistance. Our firm can assist you in effectively dealing with problems head-on, resulting in cost effective strategies and solutions.

Corporate/Business Organization

Our firm practices in most of the key areas pertaining to business organizations. Experienced in formation and start-up, we can provide invaluable assistance in areas such as determining the type of business organization that best addresses your circumstances, writing employment and organizational agreements, dealing with licensing and regulatory issues, seeking financing, etc. With existing business organizations, we offer counsel in the areas of mergers/acquisitions, shareholder issues and bankruptcy.

Debt Collection

The firm has extensive experience in the collection field. Working with lenders, commercial clients and consumer credit/lending companies and organizations, we have an impressive record of achieving results. We employ a combination of experience and, where appropriate, a tenacious approach in advocating our clients' best interests.

Repossession Law

Our firm has extensive experience in assisting creditors with navigating the intricacies of the Wisconsin Consumer Act. Our attorneys are the foremost experts in replevin and illegal repossession litigation with an emphasis on protecting our clients' security interests. With our guidance and consultation, we assist clients to conduct lawful repossessions with the parameters of the Wisconsin Consumer Act. A failure to comply with the penalty provisions of the Wisconsin Consumer Act can result in severe monetary sanctions, and we educate our clients to avoid those penalties.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Creditors often find they are unable to secure their collateral because a customer has filed for protection under the federal bankruptcy laws. Our firm has extensive experience representing secured creditors in obtaining relief from the Automatic Bankruptcy Stay, objecting to unfavorable Chapter 13 Plans, protecting clients' security interests and prosecuting non-dischargeability actions. Like the Wisconsin Consumer Act, the Bankruptcy Code requires strict compliance with its requirements. Although we continuously work with our clients to ensure that their policies and procedures comply with the latest iterations and interpretations of the Bankruptcy Code, problems may arise. We bring the full breadth and depth of our experience to limit our clients' exposure and liability in lien avoidance actions, Automatic Stay violations and motions for the turnover of property.

Lender Transactions

Many lending institutions find it cost effective to use independent counsel for their loan transactions. Using an outside law firm minimizes the need to staff counsel in-house for a cyclical business. In addition, using outside counsel offers the lender the ability to tap into specialists that are not as likely to be on its staff. Our attorneys have many years of experience in representing banks and other institutional lenders in connection with both commercial and real estate lending transactions. We can be particularly helpful in structuring loans, developing loan documents and/or reviewing and adapting existing documents used by lenders.


The firm has extensive litigation experience and expertise in all of the areas of our practice. In addition to formal litigation, the firm handles arbitrations and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) matters.

Real Estate

Representing both buyers and sellers, we have attorneys experienced in structuring transactions to maximize the benefits to our clients. We are also actively involved in title insurance work and deal with a wide variety of brokerage issues. In addition to sale transactions, we have an active lease practice that includes everything from evaluating existing leases to structuring and terminating leases.

Estate Planning and Probate

The need for estate planning for our clients is a natural extension of our business law practice. For those executives, company principals and professionals whose personal situations are significantly intertwined with their business lives, we have found it important to offer strategically developed estate planning services. Our expertise in real estate, insurance, business formation and lending provides an excellent background for effective estate and business transition/succession planning. This includes the preparation of wills and trusts and the probate of estates. 

Insurance Matters

We represent insurance carriers and advise insureds on insurance matters. Our firm has an accomplished record in dealing with regulatory issues in the insurance field, and we have acted as effective lobbyists and advisors for insurance companies. We assist insureds in obtaining pay-outs that are fair and also advise them on critical matters related to coverage issues. Our approach to insurance is similar to our overall emphasis in business law; we do the homework on the front-end thereby minimizing serious problems that can occur later. As the insurance field continues to become more complicated, good advice and expert guidance can pay big dividends.


We assist virtually all segments of the construction industry serving a wide variety of contractors and owners, both for municipal/government and private construction. We represent clients in the development, negotiation and review of construction agreements. Unfortunately, construction can result in disputes. Liens can frequently become an issue. Our experience in evaluating these situations and helping our clients reach satisfactory solutions has been one of our strong suits. Of course, our key objective is to do everything possible to minimize the chances of having problems by effectively representing the client on the front-end.

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