Aaron D. Plamann

Malfunctioning Products: Circumstantial Evidence in a Material World

On Tuesday, March 9th at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern), please join Attorney Aaron Plamann for a one-hour webinar to discuss malfunctioning products and the use of circumstantial evidence to prove defect and liability. The webinar is free for NASP members!

For further details and to register, please follow: https://www.subrogation.org/event?eventKey=ca5a0e3c-f8e0-4956-93ab-a6925c343e16

When a product fails and causes property damage, the best-case scenario is that all physical evidence is gathered, and an examination clearly points to the cause of the product failure.  However, in the real world, the necessary physical evidence may be missing, or the product may be damaged to the point where a clear cause of failure cannot be identified.

In those cases, circumstantial evidence may be utilized to prove a product liability claim. This webinar will discuss which states allow for such a claim, will identify and outline the facts that may have to be proven in order to be successful, and will examine specific examples of cases where this theory was successful.

Aaron Plamann has extensive experience in recovering subrogation claims throughout the country, as he holds mechanical engineering and law degrees, which gives him powerful insight into product liability defects. Please contact him to discuss your product liability claim and how he can help you recover more of your subrogation dollars!