Our firm has extensive experience in assisting creditors with navigating the inter-workings of the

The WCA was enacted in 1973 and is widely regarded as the most comprehensive law of its type in the country. The WCA is a state law that regulates consumer credit transactions and debt collection.

Our attorneys are the foremost experts in Wisconsin replevin and illegal repossession litigation with an emphasis on protecting our clients’ security interests. With our guidance and consultation, we assist clients to conduct lawful repossessions within the parameters of the Wisconsin Consumer Act. We assist and educate our clients to avoid the draconian penalties of the Wisconsin Consumer Act. A failure to comply with the §425.305 penalty provisions of the Wisconsin Consumer Act can result in severe monetary sanctions, loss of lien and significant attorney fees. Our expertise is unmatched as our attorneys have been involved in this area of Wisconsin law since the inception and have testified in legislative sub-committees as to the application.