Subrogation rightfully holds responsible parties liable for their actions and errors in causing property damage and accidents. An insurance carrier with an effective subrogation program can reduce premiums on behalf of their policyholders, and recovering claim dollars directly and positively affects a client’s finances.

Our attorneys are well versed in all aspects of subrogation and insurance law and are poised to assist clients in recovering their claim dollars and protecting their interests. From the initial investigation through trial, let us help you effectively navigate the process to recover the maximum amount of your subrogation claims.

Fire Losses and Explosions
The most important part of any fire or explosion investigation occurs immediately following extinguishment of the fire. The loss site must be protected and preserved, the correct experts must be retained to investigate the origin and cause of the fire, and the proper parties must be notified of the loss and invited to inspect the scene. Let us assist with this process to protect your subrogation interests.

Water Losses
From failed plumbing products to installation and service errors, water losses can be devastating and quick action should be taken to identify the cause of the leak and the reason for the damage. The proper expert must be retained to inspect the failed product, make the correct determination of why the part failed, and identify the party responsible for the damages.
Proper investigation of the motor vehicle accident, including reviewing any police or accident reports, gathering witness testimony, and retaining the proper accident reconstruction experts, can often mean the difference between collecting on an automobile subrogation claim and closing a file. Let us assist in this process and obtain the greatest recovery possible on your claim.
An employee’s exclusive remedy when they are injured on the job is to apply for worker’s compensation benefits; however, when a third party is responsible, there is also the opportunity to proceed against that third party for compensation for the injury.
Worker’s compensation subrogation is often defined by statutory and common law, and recovering on these types of claims can be complicated and fraught with legal hazard. Let us help you navigate through the process of recovering your worker’s compensation benefit payments.
Our firm has an accomplished record in dealing with issues in the insurance field, and we have acted as effective lobbyists and advisors for insurance companies and insureds, advising them on critical insurance issues. Moreover, we represent clients in both complex coverage and bad-faith litigation, mediation, and arbitration. As the insurance field continues to become more complicated, good advice and expert guidance can pay big dividends.