Know Your Subrogation Story

When a property damage claim is made, an insurance professional (either a frontline property adjuster or a dedicated subrogation claims adjuster) should determine whether there is potential for subrogation. The best way to make this determination is to uncover the all-important who, what, when where, why, and how of the story. The success of your subrogation claim relies on learning the correct answers to these questions. In other words, what is the story of your subrogation claim?

There are plenty of pitfalls in navigating the early stages in investigating a subrogation claim. Engaging reliable and informed subrogation counsel early in the claim can help you navigate the process, to ensure that all relevant facts and details about a claim are learned and pursued. Also, importantly, subrogation counsel can help you avoid pursuing the wrong story.

Experienced subrogation counsel should understand how products work, how products fail, and what can cause different types of property losses. Counsel can engage the appropriate experts to assist in investigating the nature of the property damage, to help describe what happened, and to explain why it happened.

Please be mindful that having a good story does not always equal having a good subrogation case. Subrogation counsel can also help you avoid spending time and resources on a subrogation file that would not result in a cost-effective recovery.

Learn the story of your subrogation claim and recover more of your subrogation dollars.

Aaron Plamann with Galanis, Pollack, Jacobs and Johnson, S.C. holds a background in mechanical engineering and understands how products work and how products fail. Please do not hesitate to contact Aaron at or (414) 271-5400 if there are any questions about a subrogation file, a property loss, or a product failure.